Domestic Metrotile Steel Roofing

Durable, hard-wearing and simply stunning Metrotile Steel Roofing. Enhance your home and bring your property superior protection, with the help of Esker Developments Ltd. Proudly serving the Greater Manchester community, we combine the world’s leading products with our own expert installation services to deliver the total package.

Generations of Excellence

Made by the Ross Roof Group, Metrotile is the result of over four generations of research and development, dating back to 1942. Boasting an unrivalled lifespan and genuinely impressive performance, Metrotile’s stone-coated and satin-finish domestic roof systems feature state-of-the-art Zincalume protective steel for truly outstanding performance.

In addition to superior durability and protection, Metrotile roofing is available in an extensive range of visually stunning finishes. Seven exquisite profiles are available to suit all property types, which include Bond® Classic® Tudor® Shake® Royal® Roman® and Shingle®.

Global Pedigree

Currently in use across more than 80 countries worldwide, Metrotile roofing has been extensively tested against even the harshest weather conditions. Installed with expert precision, Metrotile pressed steel roofing is watertight, resistant to fire and can even withstand hurricane-force winds.

Backed by an extensive manufacturer’s warranty and Esker Developments’ total customer care package, it’s an investment in real peace of mind for an incredibly affordable price.

Metrotile Residential Roofing Installations

Whether looking to tackle an enormous property overhaul or simply upgrade a much smaller home, Esker Developments is here to help, every step of the way. The uniquely lightweight properties of Metrotile roofing make for fast, easy and affordable installations, followed by the longest possible maintenance-free lifespan.

We also offer a comprehensive roof repair services for every type of residential property, so be sure to give us a call should you detect or suspect any damage may have been caused. As a local business proudly serving Greater Manchester, we place enormous value on not only getting the job done, but getting it done quickly, flawlessly and for the lowest possible price.